General Guidance

Essentially, if your company charters flights offshore or conducts flights offshore then you can become a signatory to Flightshare.  As such, if you are:

  • an operator of an offshore installation;
  • provide services; or
  • undertake flights offshore for these companies,

 then you are eligible to sign-up to Flightshare. 

Shares are organised between the signatories on an ad-hoc basis.  Each company provides their relevant contact and this is exhibited under the signatories section of this website.  LOGIC plays no part in the organisation of shares; instead it acts in an administrative capacity by signing up companies and storing original documents. 

If you wish to conduct a share with a company then you will need to check the other companies that hold a contract with the helicopter contractor that will facilitate the share. 

Please note that the information regarding the helicopter agreements for Flightshare signatories is for initial indication only and you should check with the appropriate party before finalising sharing agreements. LOGIC does not hold originals or certified copies of the current helicopter agreements. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate, LOGIC or OEUK cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions or the consequences.

As a party to Flightshare you will fall within one of three different capacities, namely:

  • Sharer: the company that charters the shared flight;
  • Sharee: the company that makes use of the sharer’s chartered flight; or
  • Helicopter operator: the company that undertakes the flight.

The Flightshare Deed provides the terms and conditions for sharing flights.  In doing so, there are a number of relationships throughout the shared flight that are governed under different contracts.  These are as follows:

  • chartering the flight – the terms of flight itself will be governed by the agreement that the flight is chartered under.  This is between the Sharer and the Helicopter Operator.  Payment will also be rendered under this contract, however an addition will be made in respect of the share and this will be calculated in accordance with the terms contained in the Flightshare Deed;
  • Sharer and Sharee: this is provided for by the Flightshare Deed and the Indemnities and Hold Harmless Agreement.  They determine the method for payment and also the allocation of liability for any loss between the Sharer and Sharee; and
  • Sharee and Helicopter Operator: the chartering of the flight, payment and liability to the Sharer have all been accounted for.  All that remains is the allocation of liability between the Sharee and Helicopter Operator and, in accordance with the Flightshare Deed, this is determined by the contract between the Sharee and Helicopter Operator.

As explained above, a shared flight is chartered under the contract held between the Sharer and Helicopter Operator.  An additional payment is calculated for the additional part to the flight in accordance with the Flightshare Deed.  The Sharer is responsible for the full payment to the Helicopter Operator and then the Sharer recovers the additional fee from the Sharee, using the formula provided in the Flightshare Deed.