Vantage POB is LOGIC’s shared service for personnel and certification tracking at onshore and offshore installations.

Initiated in 2000 through a joint industry collaborative project, Vantage POB has now been serving the UKCS for 20 years. Designed by aviation and logistics personnel across the industry and developed by CGI, the service is available to any organisation working in offshore energy (oil, gas, wind, carbon storage, etc.) in the North Sea and the broader UKCS, and (for those organisations that funded its development), in support of their operations worldwide.

Vantage POB is closely integrated with OPITO’s certification system, enabling passengers and operators alike to gain assurance that personnel moving offshore have the qualifications required for their role and working environment.

Adoption of a single, shared service provides benefits through emergency response co-operation, a single source of up-to-date passenger information, and effective tracking of days spent offshore. The service also provides efficiencies to logistics staff as passenger eligibility can be checked automatically at booking and check-in, and check-in staff can handle multiple flights at the same time, without switching systems.