Submissions, training and sign up costs

Master Deed submissions

A rate of £1575.00 + VAT per Execution Deed.

Should an error be discovered in the Execution Deed, requiring it to be re-submitted, LOGIC reserves the right to charge a further fee of £350 + VAT to cover the additional work arising from the resubmission.

Master Deed company sign-up

The cost for a company to sign up to Master Deed is £410.00 + VAT

LOGIC can provide you with a certified copy of your company Deed of Adherence at cost from £250.00 + VAT. This covers the cost of recovering the document from storage and administrative costs and is payable in advance.

Master Deed transaction leader training

All transaction leaders must attend a compulsory training session with LOGIC prior to acting as a transaction leader. Please bear this in mind when planning your completion dates as a user will not be able to act as a transaction leader if they have not attended the training.

The cost of training is £400.00 + VAT per person and will be held over a half day via an online session. The training session is limited to 2 delegates per session.

Training will be scheduled around submission dates and you should have a forthcoming submission you are leading on in order to book training. The submission must be submitted no later than 2 months of training taking place.

For further information please contact LOGIC.