Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need a Vantage card to be booked through Vantage POB.

Most heliports that use Vantage POB can print photo-id cards to speed up check-in on your subsequent trips. Ask for a card to be created next time that you travel.

We offer read-only access to Vantage POB for companies that have registered employees in Vantage. Please contact LOGIC or your company focal point to discuss your need for access.

Operators are responsible for the maintenance of information held in Vantage POB. Please contact the logistics department of the operator that you previously worked for or are about to work for.

Vantage Helpdesk contact details:  [email protected]  +44 1224 455177

Vantage Helpdesk working hours – Monday to Friday 0830 -1700 GMT

*Out of Hours coverage is available for **Priority 1 Critical issues only

Details on what the Vantage Helpdesk can assist you with can be found here.

* Out of Hours Contact Details as per above however it is recommended that the Telephone Number is used for a prompt response

** Priority 1 Critical – Two or more Users from one or more Organisations are affected and a serious fault prevents a business-critical process from being performed and there is no workaround available for the problem.  ‘Business critical’ for the purposes of this classification are restricted to flight maintenance, POB related processes, and emergency response processes.